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    Welcome to Lethality!, Thank you for taking an interest in our Destiny 2 PC Clan, below you will find our Discord, Staff info and our General Rules. We are looking for Raid/PvP Leaders whom wish to help organize set time raids and PvP groups for the future. If you have any questions about our Community please speak with Daphonic in Discord.

    Clan Page: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Chat?groupid=2078092

    Officer: Shadowskills
    Officer: Solace
    Officer: Chirnobl

    Lethality Rules
    - Respect
    Our Members are required to respect everyone. This includes all individuals Nationality, Religion, Sex, Sexual Preference, and Political Beliefs. Respect should also be given to Lethality’s Name, Motto, Goals, and the Community as a whole.

    - Maturity
    Our Community only accepts Mature individuals. Members who use crass and or derogatory remarks, create discussions about Drugs, Religion, Politics, or create a general Toxic atmosphere that makes it uncomfortable for those around are not welcome.

    - Anti-Troll
    Our Community strives to help others, as such, we should never be seen Trolling anyone in-game our out of game. Trolling also falls under usernames and avatars, anything that can be seen as trolling is strictly prohibited.

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