Destiny Recruitment Contest: Starts 4/24 and Ends 5/01 -- Prizes!!

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    Greetings Guardians!! Lethality will be hosting a Cross-Platform Recruitment Contest!! The Event will run for one week and at the end rewards will be given out!

    Rules for Entry

    • Must be a Verified Member by syncing your Account here to your Discord Account
    • Must be a Member of the Destiny Group
    • Destiny Staff are NOT allowed to participate
    • Must Post in this Thread your interest in participating

    • Recruit joins the Group and the Discord -- 1 Point
    • Recruit joins the Group, Discord and Sets Lethality as their Destiny Clan -- 1.5 Points
    • Recruit joins the Group, Discord, Sets as Clan AND Posts in the Member Introduction forum here on our website -- 2 Points

    Secondary Rules and Notes

    • Recruits must at the minimum join both Destiny Group and Discord
    • You must link Thronnos in the Discord with your Recruits Discord and Destiny username at the time when they join so it can be verified
    • There must be at least one new recruit and 2 participants in order for prizes to be awarded
    • If there are at least 3 participants and 5 new recruits with at least 1 recruit per person a Runner-Up reward will be given out*

    • Grand Prize -- $15 Giftcard of your Choice -- Availability and ability for to you to receive will be taken into account -- We will discuss this upon victory
    • Runner-up* -- 1 Month Patron on Lethality Gaming ($5 Value)
  2. Thronnos

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    Contest will be ran again now that we have a little more structure

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