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Lethality's first Shirt Line is up for Sale now! If you do happen to grab one, it helps support the community, and also make sure to take a Picture of you wearing it!
Lethality is going back to Black Desert Online, Sixthy now known as @Kaiisabi was an old Member in the Old Lethality guild who used to help us run Node Wars is now going to be leading the new Guild along with 2 other GM's in a Council style Leadership. Along with 5+ Officers are looking to start doing Node Wars weekly, and are willing to help anyone who comes back level up to 60. If you're interested click the below link to join them, and get back into the Black Desert!

Server is currently hosting The Shigo Islands and 14 mods, Server was started fresh on the 20th of March, if you're interested in joining our Server, click the below link!

We have put up a new Fresh Feet the Beast Infinity Expert Server! If you would like to play with the Community click the below link to see how to set the game up to join us.

Daphonic is looking for Members who would like to help out as future Admins and Moderators. These rules will be to help run our current and future games. With Lethality finally getting our first dedicated Server we will need more Admins and Mods than before.

The Rules of the Admins will be to make sure all of our Game Servers stay up to date, and are always up and running. The Mods are the ones who help maintain order and get rid of the shitty players and hackers.

Both roles will also be required to help us Recruit and Advertise the Community to bring in new Members for our future games.

We are also Looking for Future Leaders to help us Run new Divisions, If you’re interested in running a Guild in any Future or Past MMO’s please Contact Daphonic.
Tonight at Midnight Lethality will be hosting a Brand new Feed The Best Infinity Evolved Expert Server. If you would like to join us on the Server please Follow the Link Below to find out how to install this Modded Minecraft and how to join our server!

Lethality has moved over to Discord. This will cut cost and has more options than TeamSpeak now. You can get into our Discord with the Link Below.

13 Years! -- From Plantside to Black Desert Online!

Today, May 20th marks 13 years for our Community. We started way back on the Planetside Launch, and 13 years later, we are now playing Black Desert Online. Over the last 13 years, we’ve all made some incredible friends, many of us have attended one anothers’ weddings, and even found a new best friends though this Community. I want to thank each and everyone one of you for what you’ve done to make this Community what it is today.

We have some exciting goals this year, and as always I’ll be looking for volunteers to help us make these goals a reality.

  1. The first goal is to continue our expansion by moving into the Hosted Games space. I’ll definitely be looking for new staff to help run those games.
  2. The second goal is to have an average of 100+ Members in TeamSpeak at any given time, so new Community members have people to chat with, and make new friends.
  3. The third goal is to have more than 2 Massive Guilds going at one time within the Community, We have been a Flavor of the Month type of Community with MMO’s for far too long, and this is one of my personal goals to change within our Community.

To achieve all 3 of these goals, I’m going to be looking for more Staff Members who want to help build our Brand as a great Community, and to help me run future Divisions of Lethality. If you believe you can lend a hand, and donate your time & energy to help achieve these goals please reach out and speak to Daphonic.

Again, I want to thank each and every member for their contributions. This community is a second home for many, a place where friendships are forged and memories are made. We couldn’t have come this far without your patience, contributions, and camaraderie. My deepest thanks to everyone, and I look forward to what’s in store for our 14th year!
Hello Lethality Members!

Tonight we will be opening up our new 40 man Ark Survival Evolved Server! The server will be running the new "The Center" Map with just a couple of mods. Those Mods are, Pimp My Dino, The Middle Ages, Dynamic Color Mod, and No Collision Structures.

We are also going to be cranking up the Difficulty to 10! this will bring in level 300 Dinosaurs! So be prepared to die a lot, and get your Clans going! Clans can have a Max of 5 members, once you get your Clan name and players let an Officer Know and we will add your Clan Name to TeamSpeak so you may have a private Channel.

We will be using a Server Password for the First Week, and move to Whitelist if we have too. Any type of trolling or griefing will get you banned of the Server, by the Admins.

We will be running the Following Parameters.
3rd Person Allowed
Difficulty x 10.0
Taming x 1.3
Harvesting x 2.0
Leveling x 0.8
Water Drain x 0.8
Food Drain x 0.8

If you're interested in the Community hosting ARK again, please click the above link, and vote on a few basic things for the future server.