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Lethality Gaming
Community Charter

Last Revision March 2nd, 2015

Table of Contents

1. Preface 11. Community Streaming
2. Mission Statement 12. Twitch Group
3. Sanctions 13. New Member Policy
4. Code of Conduct 14. Premium Membership a& Donations
5. Player Disputes 15. Creating a Division
6. Rank Hierarchy 16. Leaving a Division
7. Special Ranks 17. Guild & Community Mergers
8. Rank Promotion
9. Rank Deomtion & Bans
10. Icons, Badges and Awards

1. PREFACE This charter should be read and understood by all community members. If you have any questions or remarks do not hesitate to contact a member of the Community Staff.
2. MISSION STATEMENT Our focus is building a strong Community with good relationships through sound recruitment and teamwork. We are currently looking for members who wish to positively contribute to our Community and be with our team for the long term.
3. SANCTIONS We are not a Community that wants to police its members. We hope to use this section only rarely, but any breach of this charter should be reported to the Community Staff.
4. Code of Conduct The Below rules will result in an Auto Ban by any Community Staff. These rules are considered to be our Golden Rules and have no warnings. They are applied to all Community Games, Forums, TeamSpeak and Chat on the website. Any dispute on Ban’s from these rules will only be done during Official Officer meetings.

4.1 Disrespecting the Lethality Name, Motto, Community and it’s Goals at any time.
4.2 Discussions of Drugs, Religion or Politics are prohibited in “public” channels.
4.3 Attacking an individual's Nationality, Religion, Sex, Sexual Preference or Political beliefs.
4.4 Any crass and or derogatory remarks are never allowed in Guild Chat, Forum posts or with in TeamSpeak.
4.5 Trolling on any Community Social Site, within any Community game, Community forums, or Community Teamspeak.
4.6 Creating a Toxic Environment - creating an uncomfortable environment for those involved.
5. Player Disputes Anytime a dispute comes up between two or more players, please keep all arguments out of general or public chat. Disputes can impact the community greatly, when people do not hear or know the full story or reasoning behind the dispute. Disputes can and will happen, we want to make sure when they do, that they are resolved as fast and fairly as possible. If one of the members involved in a dispute wishes to ask an Officer or Multiple Officers to hear both sides of the dispute and help rule on what side is in the right you may do so.
6. Rank Hierarchy Community Founder
Provide monthly financial cost transparency and Goals:
Provide regular progress reports towards Community goals
Partners with sponsors and advertisers to bring ad revenue to the community
Collaborates with Leaders & Council Members to set Community rules and Collaborates with Designers on the direction of the website
Evaluate and approves new Leaders & Council members.
Part of the Community Staff
Can Lift bans and Division removal with ⅗ Community Staff agreement
Community Leader
4 max Community Leaders
Part of the Community Staff
(Council Goals & Requirements)
Helps assist, and give advice to the Leader on crucial choices.
Act’s as the Founder’s Voice when absent.
Post Community announcements to keep everyone updated on Community Events & Updates
Access to Server Controls or Admin Panel for all Community Game Servers
Can Lift bans and Division removal with ⅗ Community Staff agreement
Community Council
12 max Council Members
Part of the Community Staff
(Officer Goals & Requirements)
Administor all game Divisions
Support for Officers, Moderators & Division
Knows all Community and Division Rules
Community Wide Recruitment
Evaluate and approves new Division & Moderators
Oversees Divisions as a Guild Master or as Head Figure.
Can Lift bans and Division removal with ⅗ Community Staff agreement
Divisional Officer
2-8 Officers Per Division
Part of the Community Staff
(Moderator Goals & Requirements)
Administers in game activities of a specific Division
Admin Privileges on TeamSpeak
Schedules Events for their Division
All aspects of Recruitment for their Division
Open, honest, and acting with integrity at all times
Leads and inspires by example and with patience
Post Division announcements to keep everyone updated on events
Can Ban and or Kick Members who break Community Rules.
Moderates in game activities
Moderate Forums and TeamSpeak
Helps with Organized Events
Answers any and all Member Questions
Reports all player problems to Officers or higher
Welcoming players to Divisions, promoting the friendly atmosphere. Mentioning TS, and the Website
Full Forum Access
Full TeamSpeak Access
May join any Division under the umbrella of Lethality Gaming
Limited Forum Access
Access to Public Channels on TeamSpeak
7. Specialty Ranks Writer
Writer or Blogger for The Community
Graphic Artist for The Community
Community Streamer
Community Guest
Player is a Guest of the Community, Alliance or Personal Friendship of a Member of the Community.
8. Rank Promotion Community Leader
Nominated by the Community Council and above, Approved by 75% Majority vote by The Community Staff.
Community Council
Nominated by any Community Staff. Approved by 75% Majority vote by The Community Staff.
Divisional Officer
Must be nominated by a Member of the Community Council Leading a Division and then Approved by the Community Founder or a Community Leader.
Appointed by the Community Council Member Leading a Division.
9. Rank Demotion & Bans All members who have been banned on TeamSpeak or within a game, must report to a Community Leader or the Founder to reinstate their status in the Community. If you are rejected at this point, you will no longer be welcomed in our TeamSpeak or any of our Divisions.

Any Person in the Community Staff who has been AWOL for more than 7 days and in a current leadership role, without prior discussion with the Leaders and Founder of the Community will be demoted down to Member status within the community.

Rank Demotion can be appealed on case by case basis.
10. Lethality Icons, Badges & Awards Coming Soon
11. Community Streaming Any member who wishes to have their streaming channel on our community's page will conduct themselves according to the rules of this Charter, and help promote the Community and it’s Divisions. We ask all streamers to have our logo on their Stream BIO page explaining our Community, and how to obtain more information about us.
12. Lethality Gaming Twitch Group If you’re interested in joining Lethality’s Twitch Group please talk with Daphonic in TeamSpeak. He will go over the Group Rules, and basic requirements to stay in the group. We are only looking for Members who want to Expand their Follower base with the help of their fellow Community Members, and Promote the Community to potential new Members and friends.

Group Rules
Follow all of Twitch.tv’s TOS.
All Charter Rules apply to you as you Stream in our Group.
Never talk ill of another steamer during any of your Streams.
Talking about Lethality Politics & Business during your show should be done in good faith only, keep all negative disputes out of the public.
13. New Member Policy Everyone is allowed to register for our Website, but will have limited access until they finish the Profile Completion process after signing up. New Members will also have full access to TeamSpeak once you Sync up your Profile on the Site with TeamSpeak. (Coming Soon)

New Member Profile Complete Steps.
Sign up at www.lethalitygaming.com
Upload an Avatar
Post a Member Introduction post.
Fill out your location in your profile
Reply to the Charter Thread stating you agree with our rules (Coming Soon)
14. Donations All Donations through the website are sent to Daphonic the Community Founder Donations are used for everything from Website upkeep, Server rental, TeamSpeak and other Community Projects. Due to the Nature of Donations on Paypal, once a Donation has been made a refund is unavailable.
15. Creating a New Division If you feel Lethality should join a game that is already out, and we have no Division for the game, a Member that is in good standing with the Community is allowed to talk with the Council to create a Division for the game with ⅗ Community Staff Approval. For a member to start this Division with the backing of the Community they will need at least 4 other members who wish to join you in the new Division.

Once a new Division has been established, the Member that created the new Division will become the new Division Leader, and will be assigned a Community Council Member as their Helper and Mentor. As the New Division Leader you are allowed to appoint 1 of the Members who are created the new Division with you as a Division Officer. This person must also be in Good standing within the Community.

If the Division does well, and gains more members, the Division Leader is allowed to appoint more Division Officers who are in good standing with the Community, based on the number of current Members within the new Division.

For the Division to remain open you must keep recruitment steady and new Members coming in. You must also enforce all Lethality Rules and keep it a great place for the community. If this does not happen, the Division will be closed, and the ranks removed from the Leader and Officer.
16. Leaving a Division At any time someone feels they are not getting what they want out of one of our Divisions they are allowed to leave and join another guild in that Game. We request that you talk with the leader of the Division so they know why you are leaving and to keep Member status with our Community. If you leave without telling anyone, your Member status may be removed from the website and our Teamspeak Server.

Anyone who creates another guild in a Chapter we are already established will be asked to leave the Community as a whole. This is make sure that members aren’t split, and Community resources, are not used for Guilds/Clans outside of Lethality.
17. Guild Merges All potential Guild merges will be brought to a Community Leader or the Founder’s attention. All Officers and Members of the Merging Guild must follow all rules with in this charter with no exceptions.
Apr 26, 2015
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