7 Day Passes for Release - Post if you Have/Need

Discussion in 'Black Desert' started by Daphonic, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Daphonic

    Daphonic Gentleman Viking Grand Elder Elder

    If you have Any 7 Day Passes for Black Desert Please Post how many you have.

    If you need a Key please request one on this Thread, so we can get a List going.

    Needs Buddy Key
    @Hellskar - Given
    @Dundir - Given
    @Xcap - Given
    @Pandy - Given
    @Judicator - Given
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  2. Hellskar

    Hellskar Member

    I wouldn't mind one to give the game a look see if anyone has it?
  3. Hope

    Hope Member

    Have 2 Key's i'll hand Out when game launches and after Daphonic has the list compiled who needs.
  4. NahXirok

    NahXirok Member

    I may have 1 or 2 extra passes. Waiting to see if my RL friends need first.
  5. Sigmus

    Sigmus Member

    I have 3 7day passes
  6. sterdon

    sterdon Member

    I have a few keys extra
  7. TommyHawkster

    TommyHawkster Member

    I'd like to get a pass if you don't mind :)
  8. Daphonic

    Daphonic Gentleman Viking Grand Elder Elder

    Thought you just bought it?
  9. Skullgreed

    Skullgreed Member

    I have all my passes as well from the Conquerors Pack.
  10. Dundir

    Dundir Member

    I would be interested in giving it a go!
  11. TommyHawkster

    TommyHawkster Member

    I did :) no need for a pass now, i probably will have extra come the 1st
  12. Pandy

    Pandy Guest

    i would love one when the game fully launches :)
    if the game seems like worth, im gonna buy it. but with 7 days i should be able to get the basic hang of the game and see if you dont get bored of it on the first days :p
  13. Xcap

    Xcap Member

    I would also like a key as well, the videos and screenshots of this game look stellar. I gotta give the gameplay a try for myself.
  14. Dundir

    Dundir Member

    How will we find out if people had extra keys?
  15. Daphonic

    Daphonic Gentleman Viking Grand Elder Elder

    we have atleast 25 people who have 3 Buddy keys each... there will be keys
  16. Aithene

    Aithene Monarch Butterfly The Chosen

    I'll have some keys, too. One is spoken for, but the other's I'll happily give to anyone on Daph's list above!
  17. Daphonic

    Daphonic Gentleman Viking Grand Elder Elder

    Does anyone else need Guest Passes?
  18. Dundir

    Dundir Member

    I still need a guest pass.
  19. Daphonic

    Daphonic Gentleman Viking Grand Elder Elder

    Can everyone Please Message me with your avalible Guest Passes, So I can give them out to the players who are still requesting them?
  20. Judicator

    Judicator Hopeless Optimist

    I would not mind trying this out if there are still spares

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