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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Amskeren, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Amskeren

    Amskeren Endless Rage Elder

    I realize as a community of gamers we most likely wouldn't think to start a group for fitness. My girlfriend and I are trying to improve our overall health, so I am looking to start a support system from our group of any and all levels. Just gauging interest. Even if its just a forum thread to encourage people or share routines etc... Please feel free to share opinions or tips here.
  2. Guiyran

    Guiyran Member

    I recently went through a weight loss program that got me doing a strict diet and 30 minutes of brisk walking a day. I did this for 2 months and lost an average of 5lb a week. Since coming off the program I have been finding every excuse to put my healthy efforts on hold. I certainly might be interested in something like this.
  3. FluffyDeath

    FluffyDeath Freaky Fluffy

    I'd have to write a book to give you my routine since I go for one - two hours a day Monday - Friday bright and early in the morning. The best thing I can say is figure out what your after example are you wanting to tone down or bulk up? Then you need to make sure you work different muscles and body zones each day giving 48 hours to heal each zone before working it again. Never keep the same work out everyday as you can plateau if don't "surprise" your body with new workouts whether it be different reps, weights or techniques. Keep track of calorie intake and your calorie burn, remember you don't want to over or under eat as both can be bad. The only other thing I can think of right now is to, if possible work out right after you wake up in the morning, it will do the most for your body if you do it then.
  4. Richard

    Richard Member

    Been watching what and how much I eat since Nov '14. I bought a fitbit to give me more data instead of guessing. Lost 18lbs so far with another 15 or so to go. Making better choices of what to eat and trying my best to get 10k worth of steps a day has help but switching out cola to water has had the biggest impact on my diet. Biggest struggles was stopping nicotin, caffine, bread, beef, soda and dropping my sugar intake to under 100g a day. It's not easy and I still struggle with the sugar but if it was all easy then everyone would do it. I've discovered that my body talks to me in ways that I just ignored before for instance if I have too much sugar on a day then the next day I suffer a hangover type headache.
    So biggest lesson is not to push to far too fast. Listen to your body but work towards making improvements(ie. walked 5miles 1day then try for 2 in a row until you achive it)
  5. Bruh do you even lift? I wake up in the morning piss excellence, go to work, pack my body full of protein all day, then hit the gym and get swole. Rinse, Repeat.
  6. Neos

    Neos Member

    When I was doing p90x ab routine, that got me my six pack in about 2 months. I was able to build the muscle and lower my body fat percentage also. I cleaned up my diet my cutting down on carbs, and sugar, while increasing my protein intake. I was also do 5x5 stronglifts. If your looking to gain muscle I recommend that, as it worked for me and its relatively simple.
  7. Mirros

    Mirros Member

    Losing weight is simple if you eat properly....you don't need to do p90x or go to the gym if you just want to lose 10-15 lbs, if you want muscle definition though you'll have to exercise. I'm a CNC machinist at a steel factory so I'm lucky enough to have 20-100lbs steel bars everywhere lol I just run my programs on my machine and do different workouts in between cycle times. The other machinists stare at me like I'm weird for curling metal bars doing military presses, lateral raises, hammer curls or whatever. Or even try outdoor activities like hiking.....most weekends I'm out hiking,hunting in the mountains, I find the trick is to make whatever it is you're doing not feel like a chore like going to the gym.

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