Premium Membership

PATRON BORDER By purchasing Patron Status you gain access to the extravagant Patron border, distinguishing your posts from other members on the site. The Teal/Green border further helps your content standout, whilst displaying your generosity for the site.
PATRON LOUNGE Not only by purchasing Patron Status, you gain access to the super-cool banner, but you also gain access to the Patron Lounge section. The Patron Lounge section is a collection of sub-sections including Patron Discussion and Sneak Peeks! These are just some of the available sections in The Patron Lounge!
CUSTOM USER TITLE By purchasing Patron Status, you gain access to the option to change your User Title. This option "Custom Title" is under your Avatar settings in your personal settings. User Titles follow all Community rules.
ANIMATED AVATARS & SIGNATURES Patron offers you the ability to use animated signatures and avatars to set you apart from the standstill images of regular members.
SITE IMPROVEMENTS Not only do our Patron members get everything listed above, upgrading helps us add new features for our users. With each upgrade, it is our priority to improve your experience on the site and bring new features that our users will enjoy.
SERVER & SECURITY FEES Upgrades help us pay for our wicked fast server, server upgrades, the server administration team, all the DDoS protection and extra security measures to keep your information safe and to insure your browsing experience is uninterrupted 99% of the time.

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