A new adventure.

Discussion in 'EvE Online' started by saintroshi, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Proviblock can take a long hard suck on an egg. You can tell them I said that. Our group is just too small to have an impact in Null. Spinning my ship in a hanger because I can't undock due to the Blop and Carrier fleet in system, was how I spent the majority of my time in provi. No thanks I would prefer to play the game. A small group of us are going to setup shop in WH space. This won't be the most new bro friendly adventure. Some things we are looking for include (but not limited to); t3 cruiser pilots, dread pilots, carrier pilots, cov ops pilots, t2 hauler pilots, industry people. We are currently in the process of scouting for a WH to call home. To get involved please contact Saint Roshee or Fethac in game.

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