Albion Launch Meeting

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    Albion Online Launch Meeting
    Sunday July 16th at 10 pm CST

    Official launch is on Monday 17th at 8 am CST for all legendary founders. We will be having a community meeting on the night before the launch. Sunday at 10 pm CST. This should only last 15-30 minutes so we can all get a good night's rest before servers go live. Legendary founders, please make every effort to attend this community meeting to plan out the first hours of launch. Any other founders or new Lethality members who are not starting on Monday are welcome to attend the meeting but most tasks will be completed before you gain access
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    Get pumped!!!
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    Thanks Daph for posting this in the forums for me! I want to clarify some things for the upcoming meeting.

    The purpose of the meeting is to set up a game plan for the first hours of Albion launch. We hope to have a guild island at t4 by the end of the first day and a lot of planning is involved in making that happen.

    The meeting is not required by any means, but please make every effort to attend. Especially if you are a Legendary Founder for Albion, this helps to remove any confusion during the first day and lets us focus on the objective.

    Anyone interested in Albion Online is welcome to attend, I should be on for a while after meeting ends to answer any questions for those unsure of whether they want to purchase the game.

    I've also recently discovered that Game of Thrones airs on the 16th... I've not been able to confirm what time yet, but I believe it should be concluded before 10pm. We may need to delay if there is overlap.
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    i have a founders peck so ill do my best to be there for the meeting and launch. ill try to get two days off of work for that but cant promise anything.
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    Well.... I just bought the Founder's Pack looks like I'm coming back. My schedule is cleared up

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