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    What are we about?

    Lethality in Albion Online is all about building a a family and progressing as a team towards our common goal, territory control. We have a core group of PvPers ready to join at launch - many of which have multiple years of competitive FPS, RTS, MMO, and MOBA experience.

    We are looking for players of any types and caliber. Crafters, Builders, and Gatherers are all welcome! With that said, our primary recruiting focus is experienced and dedicated PvPers for our core GvG roster. Leadership opportunities are available for interested and qualified members.​

    What are the requirements to join?
    • All members must be 21+ & Speak English
    • Discord is required for all members.
    • PvP recruits will be tested.
    • Discord Voice is required for any group activities.

    What can we offer you?
    • Guild Island in Caerleon
    • Low Taxes (10%)
    • Re-Gearing
    • Highly Active Discord
    • Guild Merchant Escorts
    • Gatherer Protection
    • Frequent Fame / PvP runs
    • PvP Practice groups (yellow zone)
    • Hellgates (2v2 & 5v5)
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    Hey everyone, Neplusultra here. I hope everyone else is as excited for Albion launch as I am! I've taken all of launch week off work to ensure we can keep up with the competition. I'm competitive by nature but won't expect that level of commitment from anyone. This is a game and its supposed to be a fun experience with a great community of friends!

    A little bit about my gaming experiences:
    CS1.5/1.6 : Tournament experience / sponsored by LAN Center
    WoW : Vanilla Naxx raid guild member, officer/raid leader in other xpacs
    FFXIV 2.0 : Co-Leader of a top 3 server raid guild
    SC2 : Climbed from bronze 100 to master over a couple years
    Dota2, LoL, HotS : 1000+ hours in each with a dedicated 5 man crew - same team may be joining us in Albion.
    BDO : Officer : Most feared Ninja NA

    Anyone who wishes to hang out or play games with me before the Albion Launch can DM me on the Lethality Discord. I'm currently playing a RP/PvP game called Nin Online to pass the time.

    Thanks to everyone interested in joining the Albion Online chapter. See y'all in game in July!
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