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    The following video shows just some of the Classes B&S has to offer, since it's release Blade & Soul has added two more classes known as Summoner and Warlock. Which I did not include Warlock as it will probably be sometime before we get it, but it seems Summoner may be available on release from what I've heard. NOTE there is no healer class.

    Original 5:
    Despite the Summoners looks that cat pet is OP as hell.
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    Oh I also forgot to meant that certain classes are restricted by races (I know who does that anymore?). In a much later update for Blade & Soul they allowed some of the races to share more of the classes but I can't say for certain if we'll get that right off the bat or not so the following are the restrictions I know of since my last time playing on the Korean server.

    Race Classes
    Gon: Kungfu Master & Destroyer
    Lyn: Summoner & Force Master
    Yun: Force Master & Blade Master
    Jin: Assassin, Blade Master & Kungfu Master

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