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Discussion in 'Blade & Soul' started by FluffyDeath, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. FluffyDeath

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    Huge thing to take note of this game is there is no trinity force, you are all DPS no healers and such to save your life when you mess up. This is an action MMORPG which relies heavily on a combo system and quick reflexes almost to the point of a fighter game. So if you mess up the only one to blame is well... YOU so it is not for the feint of heart so to speak.

    Dungeons vary in number of members from 1 player solo dungeons up to 24 main raids. WE WILL NOT have the exhaustion system like many of the Oriental versions of the game have which means your playtime will not be hindered.
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    I'm really on the fence about this game.....I enjoy hardcore games, but ever since I played Tera I try to stay away from Korean games lol that game made me want to cut myself because of how bad the quests and story was. It was like even the combat that I really enjoyed could only distract me from my deep deep hatred for Korean to English games lol

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