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Discussion in 'Blade & Soul' started by FluffyDeath, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. FluffyDeath

    FluffyDeath Freaky Fluffy

    I noticed I've been lacking on posting info so here goes everything I've come to learn in a nutshell.

    1) Blade&Soul will release all classes on launch which is to include the Summoner and Blade Dancer. As well as opening up some of the classes to other races that the other countries have locked.

    Since Warlock is fairly new I don't think this one will be released but who knows they surprise us like they did with the reveal to include Blade Dancer.

    2) Blade&Soul will be F2P will premium option which will be basically a carbon copy of the TERA premium perks. (In short no P2W will be involved at all for this game)

    3) No Blade&Soul costume censorship! Side boob!

    4) There will be no fatigue system like the other countries so your playtime won't be hindered.

    5) They have not mentioned how much content dungeon wise etc will be out on release but will update as I know more.

    6) Coming soon.
  2. JDogg

    JDogg Member

    I just want to play this game..

    This video of gameplay is awesome!

    Okay maybe it's not gameplay but it's awesome!
  3. Credimiv

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    Please... We all know what Fluffy is looking forward to.
  4. silvor

    silvor Member

    This needs to happen soon. Like really soon.
  5. FluffyDeath

    FluffyDeath Freaky Fluffy

    Yeah see it's not a Loli though it no counts, Loli are justice Loli is power!
  6. silvor

    silvor Member

    Mixer. If they implement a marriage system, you and I? We gonna get jiggy wit' it :>
  7. Credimiv

    Credimiv Member

    Dibs on flower girl
  8. silvor

    silvor Member

    Baby you know I'll be your bottom just to make sure we're complete.
  9. Mirros

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  10. Mortisha

    Mortisha Member

    I played on the Russian Server just prior to hearing that it's finally coming to the US. Very pretty game :)
    I plan on playing the open beta actively. This is my Kung-Fu Master
  11. Wes

    Wes Member

    I am considering getting it. Play alot of World of Warcraft and Tera looks like it could take over 1.lol

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