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Discussion in 'Bless' started by Daphonic, May 12, 2018.

  1. Daphonic

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    Guild Master: Daphonic/Chirnobl
    Officer: Shadowskills
    Officer: Khorwin

    Faction: Vote here

    More Details to come.
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  2. sarahmon

    sarahmon Member

    ill give the game a chance I guess I'm about done with the whole early access thing its ruining a lot of potentially good games
  3. TooLateToTalk

    TooLateToTalk Member

    Are we concerned with the over crowded server??
  4. Lapis

    Lapis Member

    I don't think there is a good answer here. In the short term, it would be beneficial to swap. Without a 2 hour queue, we could easily make up our lost time.

    But in a week or two, there are going to be a lot of ghost servers. And people have already opened their preorder boxes on Tanara.

    Without the devs stating their server plans.... might as well stick it out.
  5. TooLateToTalk

    TooLateToTalk Member

    ok so I just wont open my preorder box
  6. Chirnobl

    Chirnobl Member Elder

    Right now, the main server is locked due to overpopulation. It will be opened again soon.
  7. Roukiepants

    Roukiepants Member

    It's going to suck to queue up and wait 4 hours until things ghost, which isn't likely to happen soon.
  8. Chirnobl

    Chirnobl Member Elder

    Well, to be fair most of us started before a 2nd server was made
  9. Roukiepants

    Roukiepants Member

    Yeah, I haven't been able to get on the server since the guild was created. Literally been stuck in queue the entire time. Watched the Knights destroy in game 1 and I hadn't moved off of queue.
  10. TooLateToTalk

    TooLateToTalk Member

    I'm on NA Gagato with my friend. Tried to login to create a character last night and after waiting in queue it crashed and then the server went down. Jumped on Gagato played a bit. Woke up this morning and the guild server is crowded and wont let me create a new character..

    I'll keep trying. But if we move to a non crowded server let us know
  11. Chirnobl

    Chirnobl Member Elder

    At this point we wont be moving, hopefully they open the server up today or tomorrow so people can make new characters. When the guild was made there was only one server. It seems their lack of planning has bit them in the butt for keeping communities together.
  12. Martina

    Martina Member

    Though it is to late at this point I guess there should of been some thought put into the issue of the servers once it was known that they had to keep creating servers. This could of been solved had people thought of the fact that some of us werent able to get in till the 30th and now the hand full of us can not even play with the guild till who knows when cause the company didnt think this far ahead. It sucks but it is what it is at this point.
  13. Skullgreed

    Skullgreed Member

    Read the reviews, they werent pretty. how is the game, looks fun, but the review tell a different story..
  14. Chirnobl

    Chirnobl Member Elder

    I would say look at the metrics too, 30k+ people playing. Yet the reviews say it sucks? Nah
  15. Martina

    Martina Member

    I never listen to reviews. You need to play and form your own opinion on the game.

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