Call To Arms!

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  1. With a large number of our players moving into nullsec, there are certain roles that need to be filled.

    MINERS: rather than sit in dock spinning your ship undock and join Kinglord in mining. If everyone keeps a mining barge in DNR we can increase our industry output and keep our defense fleets and system market stocked on ships and mods. This will benefit YOU our alliance and friends of our alliance.

    PVP: DNR gets hot dropped almost every day and is beginning to be known as a system for getting easy kills. We need to be actively pursuing defense of the system so that we can keep our pve and industry running smooth. Kitchen sink fleets get whelped. The only kills we are going to get in these fleets is solo ships separated from their fleets. So far what we have encountered as far as enemy fleet comps in provi are t3 cruisers blops and t3 desies with dictor and logi support. This is going to be standard as far as what we will encounter so if we want an effective counter fleet we are going to need comparable ships. These take a long time to train. Newer players should start working in the skills for t2 t3 desies (including the skills required to use t2 weapon and tank mods) as well as the skills required for t2 logi. Older players should start working in the skills or focusing on flying Redeemers, Sins, Legions, or Proteus' effectively. Pick a role and train for it. Hardcore PVE players should work on the skills for Oneiros, Gaurdian, Legion, or Proteus. These ships are a staple of any effective pvp fleet, but will also allow you to be more effective in PVE and help you get started in incursions, which are the end game of PVE in EVE.

    In the coming weeks I will be working with alliance directors to setup doctrine fits for pvp fleets. These doctrine fits will be the only ships that qualify for SRP (exceptions can be made in advance by speaking with a director).

    Ships list (subject to change)
    Atron fast tackle (we really only need a couple and everyone can fly them so please don't plan on this as your specialization)
    Nemesis stealth bomber scout/DPS/cyno
    Purifier stealth bomber scout/DPS/cyno
    Heretic interdictors
    Eris interdictors
    Confessor DPS
    Hecate DPS (not yet released but you can have the skills ready for it)
    Zealot DPS
    Deimos DPS
    Oneiros Logi (you will ALWAYS have a fleet)
    Gaurdian Logi (You will ALWAYS have a fleet)
    Proteus DPS
    Legion DPS
    Redeemer Hot drops/DPS
    Sin Hot drops/DPS

    t2 weapons systems are a MUST (I would rather take a t1 ship with t2 weapons than a t2 ship with t1 weapons).

    I don't want to force anyone to play the game in anyway they are not interested in. If all you want to do is mine and build that's fine I just ask that you do it with the alliance and not on your own. You will make more isk per hour this way AND help the alliance stay stable.

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