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    Closed Beta Under Way
    With Legendary Founders already in the game, the next big stage of the development process has begun and thousands of players have the opportunity to try out everything that changed since the last Summer Alpha.

    The. Wait. Is. Over.

    Monday, November 23rd, 12:00 UTC marked the start of the official Albion Online Closed Beta. We are extremely excited to enter this next phase together with our great community of players.

    With Epic and Veteran Founders following on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively, we expect the world of Albion to be populated densely and are eager to test the game over a period of more than just a single month for the first time.


    What has changed?
    The development team has undergone tremendous efforts to get Albion Online in shape for the Closed Beta start. Since the last Summer Alpha, there have been quite a few bigger updates as well as numerous smaller improvements and polishes.

    The most important changes we have compiled for you here:

    1. Combat 2.0. As shown in our latest feature trailer video, our systems have changed quite a lot in recent months with more armor diversity (light, medium and heavy), distinct characteristics for each weapon and more skill shots. Besides, the gear progression and power curve have been flattened, ensuring a more skill-focused battle outcome.
    2. Economy Updates. Silver has been removed as a requirement for crafting, making the activity much more resource focused while at the same time reducing crafting requirements in red and black zones by 10%. Silver remained its use for other activities though, such as repairs, transmutation, purchases in the marketplace and the acquisition of land and islands.
    3. Learning Point Rework. You can now use learning points to unlock partially cleared nodes – essentially, they now allow you to level faster as opposed to being a cap on your progression speed. Read more in the full article on Learning Points.
    4. Open World PvP. First, Treasure Chests have been added, containing rare resources for the crafting of Enchanted Gear. They become lootable several times a day and require a 3-minute long channeled cast that will be interrupted by any damage taken – ensuring intense fights over them. Secondly, with Shrines, there are now crafting stations in the open world that are needed for creating higher level items.
    5. Consumables & Farming. Many things have changed on that end – from the newly introduced herb garden, to new food and potions with powerful buffs and the introduction of favorite food for buildings. Read the full article on consumables here.
    6. Private Islands. Islands are now not only upgradable and can host almost all types of buildings but you can also have your personal laborers helping you with your resource gathering and other activities. For more information on that, you can watch the special feature trailer video.
    7. Introduction of Crafting Focus. Crafting Endurance was yesterday – with the new Crafting Focus system, there is no more a limit on how much you can craft in-game. Instead, you can rather choose to craft some of your items with focus, i.e. you will receive some of the resources used back, making crafting cheaper for you. Crafting Focus regenerates over time, even when you are logged out.
    8. Guilds. Siege Camps have been introduced that also allow guilds to try and conquer a territory who do not own of their own, yet. Guild-vs-Guild fights have a new local aspect as players cannot simply be teleported from a green zone to the territory fought over but have to go to a neighboring territory instead.
    9. Land Auctions. With the land auctions, we’ve added an element of economic PvP to Albion, where players can bid on land on a regular basis and the current owner having to defend its plot by outbidding all challengers. For full information on this new feature, read the land auction article here.
    10. General Improvements. You can now challenge other players in a 1vs1 duel and even place a wager on the outcome. Also, the world of Albion has become a whole lot bigger with a second continent added. Finally, not only mounts, such as the Dire Wolf, are now moving faster but also the general performance of the game has been improved.
    If you are interested in the complete change log list for the Closed Beta, have a look into our forum.

    How can I join?
    You are not a Founder yet or, as an Epic or Veteran Founder don’t want to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday? Then buy your Founder’s Pack now or upgrade your existing one to Legendary for immediate access to the Albion Online Closed Beta:


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