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Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by Daphonic, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Daphonic

    Daphonic Gentleman Viking Grand Elder Elder

    We will be Getting a Nice Set up for Jerseys, Hoodies, & Jackets. We will be having this site doing our Line: https://armacentrum.com/

    The Concepts have not been done yet. If you have any cool Ideas for them check the site out, and post your ideas.
  2. Chirnobl

    Chirnobl Member Elder

    I have a small request for the mugs.

    Can we get the print on both sides, instead of just one? I'm right handed (as most people are) and holding the mug in the right hand makes it so you cannot see the logo. :(

    IMG_0530.JPG IMG_0531.JPG
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  3. Daphonic

    Daphonic Gentleman Viking Grand Elder Elder

    That's on Teespring, I've looked at this, and I don't see any Options about printing both sides.

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