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    To join one of the Three Clans for Lethality, please click the link below for your System.

    PC Clan
    Admin: Daphonic
    Admin: Open
    Admin: Open

    PS4 Clan
    Admin: Thronnos
    Admin: CrazyAssassin141
    Admin: Open

    XB1 Clan
    Admin: Open
    Admin: Open
    Admin: Open​
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    Edit: Been saving as much as I can on electricity so I will pick up the game on oct 1st. Grats on the new jeep btw
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    I'd be interested in a PC clan to do raids and strikes with once it comes out on PC, I already have a clan on XBOX. Thumbsup
  4. Thronnos

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    the more the merrier! :D
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    Hunter. Master. Race.

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