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    with the latest content patch, bethesda rebalanced a LOT of the skills in the game to make them all vastly more situational and hence more useful when creating these builds.

    The newest update adds a slight change to the traditional way in how DKs work. Gone are the days of stack fire damage to infinity in a loop of almost 100% bonus damage (darn i miss it :p ) however this also opens up some good counters for current meta tank/pvp specs. Specifically looking at those PvP Tanks with their timing werewolf transformations.

    Personal Race & Runner Up
    1. Imperial -- This is my personal race. nice massive stamina boost AND a passive HP steal. not to mention you gotta keep that imperial flair!
    2. Orc -- Everyone's favorite Melee class for many reasons ;)
    3. Nord -- See above ;)

    • 25 Health -- Gives just enough survivability to take a few hits. also stacks well with Green Dragon Blood since it gives us more effective HP to heal
    • 39 Stamina -- Since this build is primarily going to focus on the stamina morphs and shield charge morph we need a large stamina pool.
    • 0 Magicka -- The only thing we use magicka for is going to be our Volatile Armor and Green Dragon Blood.
    Weapon Set 1
    Sword and Shield -- We are going to use this because of the scaling 2+ Second stun on our Invasion talent. Not to mention the ability to Bash/Block is going to only increase our survivability. (will cover specific set pieces later)

    I typically prefer Swords for their looks however any type works here. I recommend here to pick up one with a Fire Enchantment to help give a little damage boost on those pesky vampire mages.
    Weapon Set 2
    Dual Wield -- We are going to use this for the AOE and slightly higher DPS of this spec. It is a good swap for when the enemy thinks its ok to group up a bunch of squishies or when we need to just output a little more AOE dps

    For this the bonuses of Axes and Swords seem to work best for raw DPS. once you start getting the Passives of the Dual Tree

    Gonna grab more information for this and a link to ESOCalc once they update their skills for the newest patch because im not typing out all that lolol​
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