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    ArcheAge Guild Rules
    • We are a Group Effort Guild, Player's whom do their own thing most of the time, will be removed.
    • Discord, a Mic and English are Enforced when playing ArcheAge while inside our Guild.
    • No Life Rules Enforced first few months. Players who don't log on often, will be replaced with no Lifers.
    • If you are going to be gone for 3+ Days, please let Daphonic, DukeBarr, or Chirnobl know
    • Zero Room for PKing any Pro Nuian Guild. If you have issues with any guild Speak to Leadership ASAP
    • If you see a For Profit Guild trying to Steal Nuian Goods, you're allowed to PK them, Let Leadership/Guild know where
    • If you want help with Merchant Ship runs in the future, you need to help with Current Merchant runs. Tit for Tat.
    • Gearing up should be one of your Number 1 Priorities. If you need help on builds ask in Discord
    • Drama, Trolling, Elitism will not be Tolerated, and you will be Removed without hesitation.
    • There will be no blatant harassment of anyone’s sexuality, nationality, race, religion, or social status. There is no exception.

    Buy Patron Once Per Account To Keep it for Months.

    If you plan on owning land and making extra money you’re going to need Patron. It’s 14$ for the first month, Below is how you can make Easy Extra Money to keep Patron going for a few months no issues.

    • Create Your Toon on both US and EU
    • On Release Log into The EU account every day to collect Loyalty Points
    • Every 7 days you can buy 1000 labor and sell on the AH
    • (Extra) you can sell your labor to someone for extra gold to process their items
    • With the Gold on the EU side buy your Apex and use 2 Apex for Month of Patron.
    • If you do not burn labor, burn your labor making Certificates, So that you can lvl it up to be able to sell them at a Future Day, This will Net a lot of Gold in the long run.
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