Hero Coalition defends 3GD6-8 timer.

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  1. We won the timer without any contest. PL gave us a fight anyway. I believe the peak was 1100 players involved myself included. If you are interested in giving this game a shot you can pick up a code for a 30 day trial for free at http://store.markeedragon.com The Lethality Gaming corp is now a member of United Space Coalition which is mostly engaged in High Security space PVE, but does offer PVP content as well. JOIN US!
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    That Lethality Gaming corp just has your alts in it right?


    How often are you guys playing your alts compared to your main's. I seem to remember you telling me you are in a Low-Sec corp on your mains.

    -- Riverstorm - Main
    -- Aenea Riverborn - alt
  3. Since this was apparently a hot topic for CVA. I thought I should clarify all of this.

    My time with BRAVE collective was short lived and my first adventures into nullsec. My character that was in BRAVE was used as an alt at the time and I only joined 2 fleets with. 1 of which was this one where I flew an ewar ship they gave me and got blown up before locking anyone. I have no ties to BRAVE. None of my friends are in BRAVE. I didn't like the experience I had in Catch. It's an awful place where carebears are not welcome.

    I decided to move back into high sec and team up with my old friend Zach Roy Peters to form our own alliance with a PVE focus. My post concerning pvp was more of things I was looking at as options for us to get into pvp. Our pvp experience is pretty much non existent but it's something I wanted for us to start getting involved with. Once we moved to providence we had our first pvp fleet which was a provi defense fleet. We got blown up and didn't kill anyone. But we wanted to at least try to defend the space CVA was nice enough to let us use.

    This entire experience is unfortunate, and I would like to apologize to CVA for the misunderstanding, and to the Alliance for any problems or losses this may have caused.

    LethalityGaming alliance members, we have had some awesome experiences together and despite this bump in the road, I know we will continue to grow. I have sent messages to CVA diplo to try and get this resolved and will update everyone as soon as I have any new information.

    Fly safe o7
    Saint Roshee/Rethu GetRekt
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