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    Hi Team, no that isn't my attempt at bribery or is it. (haha) I go by Asya in AAU (pronounced Asia). I'm pretty new to AAU and Lethality but I'm very experienced in MMORPGs and a number of FPS games. My BF has known Daphonic for quite some time playing FPS/Shooter games. Myself, I'm pretty new to the party as I was always engaged in other interests.

    We live in the burbs of Chicago. He (Brik Haus#0001) but will be Teruhashi in AAU. Yes, I made his character a girl and he chose that from Saiki K. If you know anime, you may know her! We have no children and have been together over 5 years. We own a little Havanese who is our darling (thinking of Darling in the Franxx) but our little baby and she is 4. We are huge computer / gaming nerds. I'll share our battle stations later.

    Brik (Teruhashi) runs his own business, so he is typically on in the evenings after 6pm CST. I am a web and graphic designer, I work from home but tend to game more than work. All play and no work is my motto. lol (jkjk) You can catch me on during the day and evening.

    We tend to prefer PVP in games but always enjoy PVE and crafting as well. I'm always happy to lend a helping hand when I can, but I'll most be a follower in AAU till I learn the ropes. I've always played Healers with exception to BDO and played a Witch (some healing skills). Brik will be going Fanatic - he loves killing people (in game of course).

    I have a weird sense of humor and can be a bit shy at first but blossom quickly once I get to know you. Brik - he is a bit of the opposite, he knows no stranger. We look forward to getting to know you all.
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    Recently changed my Discord and IGN to Aja (pronounced Asia / Ah-zha) The reason behind is; I'm a bit of a noob to AAU and accidentally broke down some gear with the wrong evenstone. Why they call them the same name except Adventurer's in front of it is horrid for a new player. It should be called breaks your crap down to powder. lol I am pocket healer, I was trying to rush to level but realized that I'm missing a lot in the game so after my mishap - I made my Firran Healer (new main) on my second Archeum pack. Anyway, feel free to join me in Discord or game any time. I can be quiet often or super chatty. :D

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