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    Marvel Heroes Division/Game Update

    Lethality Gaming's Marvel Heroes Division has been flourishing very well for a little over a year now and with the 2 Year Anniversary Celebration for Marvel Heroes going on for this entire month, it is a great time to come back and play, or start playing the game. There are tons of new quality of life features that have been added, as well as massive amounts of content that will keep you killing bad guys for months and months to come.

    If you are interested in playing, feel free to post questions in this thread, or just hop into the Marvel Heroes TS3 channel. Any of Lethality Gaming's leadership for the Marvel Heroes Division will be happy to help you out and answer questions you may have.

    Raid Content/Schedule

    Currently we are beginning to raid a little be more frequently with more and more people beginning to explore the raid content and gear out their favorite heroes/villains accordingly. Things are still very casual, however; if you are interested in raiding and would like to know more information about how to take the necessary steps to raid, please feel free to contact any of our leadership in game or on TS3 and we can assist you further. A specific detailed list of requirements will be posted in the future once it is agreed upon.

    Additionally, I have listed below our current raid time, this may be changing in future to accommodate another raid time for other raids in the Marvel Heroes Universe.

    Green/Red Surtur Raid - Farm Raid

    Saturdays - 10pm EST start (no end time specifically) - typically about 1.5-2 hours

    Green Axis Raid - Progression Raid (Red version in development)

    Saturdays - 10pm EST start - if Green/Red Surtur raid goes smoothly, we will attempt to progress on AXIS, if not then AXIS does not occur usually.

    These times are subject to change, we may start the Green AXIS raid first on Saturdays and move the Green/Red Surtur Raid to Thur/Fri/Sun, just trying to nail down everyone's schedule and availability.

    2nd Anniversary Celebration

    WE'RE TWO YEARS OLD TODAY, AND YOU GET ALL THE BIRTHDAY PRESENTS! Marvel Heroes has come a LONG way in two years, and we're celebrating big with all of you. Playable Doctor Doom! Design review for the Thing! A huge update to the Team-Up feature! Weekly Birthday Gifts! Lots of other stuff that warrants exclamation points! We're celebrating all month long, so be sure to pay attention to our Facebook updates and follow us on Twitter to join in on the fun. Also check back to this post, as we will update it as more surprises are revealed. And most importantly... #PlayMarvelHeroes!

    Week Two (Beginning June 12th)
    Click on the pictures below to read more about some of our major updates this week!

    June 12th-17th Login Gift - Free Hero of Your Choice!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Other awesome things this week:

    • Summer Boost Bonanza Sale
    • Valentine's Day Packs return for a limited time!
    • Birthday Cake Slices will drop in game! Collect 365 to trade in for a full Marvel Heroes Birthday cake with the most epic lootsplosion you've seen yet.
    • Revised Community News Page! Let us know what you think by tweeting @MarvelHeroes
    Prior Week Updates
    Week One (June 4th - June 11th)


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