Might come back

Discussion in 'Elder Scrolls Onliine' started by shellybelly1217, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. and try ESO again and see if its any better now that they have had time to fix alot of shit
  2. Chef Tragon

    Chef Tragon Member

    i have been thiking about it. im on a ps4 and vita binge though. 11 hr work days so only 2 or so days to play anything. sucks balls.

    for those who are playing still. how is it?
  3. Drakoz

    Drakoz Elder Elder

    Well look who it is lol...long time no see...I have been thinking about getting back into it or a try now that they made it f2p also...might try it this weekend.
  4. Dark Exile

    Dark Exile Member

    Downloading now, maybe its a little better than it used to be, one would assume so since its free and they need people to pay money lol
  5. Cian

    Cian Member

    Been thinking about making a return the past couple of days.. so i might try redownloading it when im not so busy.

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