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    FTB Infinity Expert Server Address

    Installing Feed The Beast
    1. Download Curse Client from HERE
    2. Go to the Minecraft Tab on the Left side, the Creeper Face and than click Browse FTB Modepacks
    3. Scroll down the List till you find FTB Infinity Evolved and click it. Once up Click Install up top.
    4. One Finished Installing click the Creeper face on the left again and hit Play on FTB Infinity Evolved
    5. Sign in with your Minecraft Account info
    6. On Bottom Left of the Minecraft Launcher click on Edit Profile
    7. Under the Java Settings (Advanced) click the JVM Arguments and Paste Everything Below Into the Bar next to the check.
    8. Hit Save Profile. Than hit Play!
    9. Once Minecraft Launches hit Multiplayer
    10. Click Add Server
    11. Server Name put = Lethality
    12. Server Address put = lethality.noip.us
    13. Now you should see our Server and can click Join Server.
    Adding the Texture Pack to your Client
    1. Download all 4 Community Packs from RAR HERE or ZIP HERE you can get the Password from Daphonic
    2. In Minecraft go into Options and Resource Packs
    3. Open the Resource Folder up and Put the 4 Zip Files from the Main Zip Folder into that Folder and close it.
    4. Close and reopen the Resource Pack in options
    5. Double click on all 4 Packs on the left to get them to move to the right side.
    6. Hit Done and wait a few min for the game to load the Packs.

    Vanilla Server Address

    Version: 17w15a

    • No Griefing
    • No PvP
    • Whitelisted Only
    To Request Whitelist for Vanilla Post Username Below.

    Whitelisted Names
    • Daphonic
    • Shadowdaphon
    • Acerbis1
    • Bradley_Dragon
    • Chirnobl
    • FazeTheFox
    • Black_Alchemist
    • Lively2011
    • Meruchy
    • Sicklehavox
    • Sinderwolfe
    • Smokeness
    • Snowbabiez
    • Wisp_Singh
    • Frustrated
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