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Discussion in 'Monster Hunter World' started by Aithene, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Aithene

    Aithene Monarch Butterfly The Chosen

    Hey folks!

    Just dropping a thread here to cover all bases, though you've probably seen me rambling on Discord.

    If you haven't yet, you can message me, or now reply here, with your XB Gamertag if you want to be invited into the Lethality MHW Squad on XBox One.

    Don't forget to add my Gamertag: Aithene

    See you on the hunts!
  2. Serph04

    Serph04 Member

    Excited to be apart of the Lethality Gaming community.
    Big Destiny player and now Monster Hunter World.

    Ready to farm those tempered Elder Dragons!!!

    Xbox: The Darkness117

    Lance User
    Weakness Exploit 2
    Guard Up
    Guard 2
    Defense 6
    + more
  3. Thronnos

    Thronnos Eru Il├║vatar Elder

    welcome m8! I am a fellow Lance-type user, however I rest more on the GUN side of things ;)

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