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Discussion in 'Computer and Tech Help' started by HerbaThea, Aug 12, 2015.

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    After having a horrible time with low FPS doing 10v10s on Skyforge I've decided this old dust pan of a PC needs to retire. I'm looking to spend around 800$ or so if I can. I game, I might want to live stream, and I want to be able to run the highest graphics with 60fps-ish on games like Skyforge.

    I'm no good with this sort of thing so I'm definitely a novice... if I could get assistance in picking out parts and finding out what's good that would be really appreciated. :]

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  3. HerbaThea

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    I'm currently looking at this pc: http://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/syd/5154059515.html
    I purchased my current PC from this guy and I had a very positive experience with him. If I buy this PC from him I plan on upgrading the CPU from the FX8320 3.5GHz to the FX8350 4.0GHz (+$30) and also from the stock CPU cooler to an aftermarket cooler (+$30.) I would change the RAM from 8gb -> 16gb for (+$60) and add a 120gb SSD for (+60$) With all of that the PC ends up being 920$. The bonuses of this guy is he delivers it to my house set up for me too which is great 'cause I don't feel confident doing it myself.

    I'm wondering what you think of this PC and its specs at the price it is.
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    I'm super hesitant about buying *any* PC off craigslist. You're asking for a scam. The parts could be bullshit broken garbage, and it's craigslist so you have zero recourse.

    I'd take the parts list there and load it into pcpartpicker. See the price difference and judge based on that to see if it's worth the risk.

    As far as putting together a computer... if you can put together a lego set, you can put together a computer. It's not difficult.
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    The guy he bought the Computer from is the same guy he bought his last Computer from. Not sure if he told you. I went though checked each componut on the computer to make sure guy wasn't ripping him off. I will try and get a DXDIAG from @HerbaThea once he gets the new computer to make sure he wasn't ripped off.

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