New ARK Server Going Live May 6th Help Decide!

Discussion in 'ARK: Survival Evolved' started by Daphonic, May 1, 2016.

  1. Daphonic

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    I will be putting up the new Ark Server, that I will keep up perm, I want to hear form you guys on what you want on it. Please add Mods in your reply you want to see on Server, and we will have a final vote on Thursday.

    Server Info (Confirmed)
    Map: The Center
    Size: 40 Players
    PvE Rules
    White Listed
    Vanilla Rules
    Max Difficulty Settings
    Max Guild Size of 6
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  2. these mods look more interesting:
    the middle ages - getting a big update soon, recomend
    the center-map ((redone by hand, most favored map, )) - highly recomend
    stairs mod- looks good to go
    primitive plus full conversion - nope. dont use this
    (link redacted)
    bridge mod - looks good to go
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  3. Aleassia

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    Hey ty for sending me invite Daph Look forward to playing
  4. Valetius

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  5. Pacifika

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    I have a decent amount of hours on this game (1300+) and I must say that removing the Giganotosaurus from the server entirely should be considered. I am entirely for a PVP server and mods are great but should be kept to a minimal for simplicity. Too many mods will increase the loading time and could even break servers if they are not compatible with each other.
    As for my opinion on the mods mentioned;
    I played on a server with the other popular dragon mod and here's what I have to say. If the dragons from both mods are anywhere alike then here are some of the problems.
    The Dragon mod makes the game kinda unfair because of how overpowered they are. They are stupid fast while flying and have higher damage than a Spinosaurus but lower than a Giga. They can carry close to as much as a Quetzacoatl. Their biggest perk is that they can spit fire while airborne for an infinite amount of time due to air stamina regen which allows them to solo a Giganotosaurus' 130k HP within 30 minutes. I also have to mention that the dragons can swim in and out of the water's surface.

    I have never experienced the Pimp my Dino or the Super Epic Boat mods but they look really fun.
    Valetius' recommended stack mod is amazing and should be implemented.
  6. edited my post with the mod names my bad
  7. BruZooka

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    i've never played it but i am excited to try it out, and Bradley Dragon mods sound like a good idea
  8. updated what i think on the mods.
  9. Daphonic

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    Server is now live.

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