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Discussion in 'EverQuest - Ragefire' started by Drakoz, May 26, 2015.

  1. Drakoz

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    Looks like they are going to make another progression sever exactly the same as Ragefire. If this does happen i will be playing on WHATEVER server has the lesser que...this is the 2nd day in arrow of not playing bc of this bullshit 2 hour que. So as a group we need to stand by and wait and see what happens and make a decision...they haven't said anything about free transfer either...like i said i dont care if i have to start fresh i am only lvl 15 and i would rather start fresh so i can at least play the game.
  2. FluffyDeath

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    Depending on how active the other non-guild member players are it is more likely they will stay on their current server so it might be best to highly consider the more than likely option of switching. I of course cannot guarantee that people will stay on their current server but from having seen many other games do a similar thing it's usually a bulk of about 65% that stay on their current server and the rest transfer. So long story short any members who really want to play this game should at least play with the ideal of switching servers.
  3. Daphonic

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    goo.gl/AtJP9K - I started a no Boxing Rule thread for the new server, and 75%+ already agree. If they can put that rule on the new server, I'd reroll in a heartbeat.. Ill chalk the 20 hours i played up to learning the game again.

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