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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by silvor, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. silvor

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    Doing this because that 80% thing on my friggin' profile is bothering me a GREAT extent, but the general name is Silvor, I am 20, and I am Mixers illegitimate younger brother. Where I am taller. Other then that been in community since they started Tera, again wouldnt be doing this if it weren't for that SILLY CHECKLIST. I am from Michigan and am around when I am not at work being a waiter to dumb people. Hai. <3
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  2. Daphonic

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    no way in hell mixer is Taller.. I've seen a Picture of you.. you Sir are a Giant... Mixer is a Gnome...
  3. silvor

    silvor Member

    No that's what I mean, I am taller!
  4. Drakoz

    Drakoz Elder Elder

    SILVOR!!!!! what is up man glad to see you kicking around still!
  5. silvor

    silvor Member

    Hey you two! Yeah Drakoz I've been just working and in between waiting for a game to come out to play with y'all, I've been lurking everyday obviously but like nothings caught my eye. MAYBE Skyforge but even then thats on the fence atm, AND OMG MIXER HAI

    But for real like as of now the only thing thats been keeping my interest is inquisition for dragon age and mario kart 8 on the wii LOL
  6. Wish

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