Reasons that ARK PvP is far from ready

Discussion in 'ARK: Survival Evolved' started by JDogg, Jun 30, 2015.

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    Here is a post on Reddit that I suspect will get taken down.

    It highlights why it's best not to rush to PvP in any of these early access games. Especially games where the devs are not trying to build a pure PvP experience for gameplay.

    Taken from: http://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/3blsfg/over_500_hours_played_abusive_tips_and_normal/

    Part 1:

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    Part 2:

    The devs for ARK will not be able to address these issues any time soon and are examples of the reasons to not rush to PvP in these Early Access games. They are just not well designed for PvP. Professional griefers (who consider themself competitive players) exploits bugs and bad design ideas. That's just not fun for me and the main reason I don't consider any of these games to be worth playing as PvP experiences. Again Rust being the exception as that's a game being designed for PvP.
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    JDogg it is a reason that the game is in Early Access,so keep on crying that game is broken,do not realy help,if you do not lik the game,the tones of other games around ;)
  4. JDogg

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    You may have misinterpreted the purpose of this thread. I know that it's early access. This post is simply to underscore the reason why an early access game should not be a huge draw for people who are looking for a competitive PvP game. The big thing ARK has going for it is the deep PvE content that is its core game mode. It's similar to 7DTD in that regards which is another game noone should be seriously considering a PvP platform. One day the devs of these games will focus on building a PvP game mode but today is not that day. Except for Rust, which is a pretty awesome early access PvP game right now.
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    I think there is a Huge different between Competitive PvP, and Normal PvP, you keep talking about Competitive PvP, ARK isn't Competitive at all in that Regard, It's PvP like H1Z1, You're not in my Tribe So I don't trust you, And May and will probably hunt you down.
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    And the problems start when I decide to retaliate. I turn my graphics down to exploit the game engine, I wait until you're off line then kill your dinosaurs and level your base, etc etc. it's not really PvP at all. Certainly not really "normal" but it is the cheap thrills bullshit that has been a sist on gaming since DayZ mod became popular. When I say competitive I am not saying eSports. I am saying the game isn't designed and balanced around the use case of playing purely as a PvP game. I mean weapons aren't balanced. I'm saying effort to destroy doesn't match effort to build. There are so many levels of gameplay involved when you are designing for PvP. The goal needs to be providing a balanced arena and let skill and tactics decide the dominant tribe. Rust is heading in that direction fast. But ARK is months or years from being ready for the PvP press. Same with 7DTD.
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    Not sure on that. I think ARK is only few months away from pretty solid balance. The amount of content they are pushing out, far surpases what other teams push out in a year. I mean look at H1Z1... what have they fucking done in 6 months really.
  8. JDogg

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    Yeah. ARK is pushing content but to address PvP they are experimenting with a different kind of server type rather than attempt to balance and tune the PvE part of the current game mode with PvP.

    It's a classic problem with game design it seems. Look at all the MMO's. They couldn't figure out mixing PvE content and abilities and PvP either so they came up with special PvP stats armor, skills and zones. PvEvp sounds interesting until you get people ignoring PvE and then you see all the flaws in the game as a pure PvP scenario.

    The way people approach PvP in these games requires developers to build the game around that kind of PvP. We likely never see ARK fix the issue with players rendering before terrain when render distance is minimized. I doubt the do anything to address offline base raiding and exploiting Dino AI to grief kill things other players spend hours to tame. It's just not meant for that type of play but that's how these PvP players approach every game.

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