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Discussion in 'Sea of Thieves' started by Daphonic, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Daphonic

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    We are looking for Players interested in Sea of Thieves, If you're interested in joining Lethality in one of our Groups Please Reply! Closed beta is on the 24th, and would love to get many ships sailing the seas!

    Game Launches March 20th

    Pirates - Xbox Tags Add all
    1. Daphonic - @Daphonic
    2. ExessSodapop - @Acerbis
    3. Ski11looter
    4. shabranigdo - @shadowskills
    5. Kamaar7 - @Alarria
    6. Mtakiller17
    7. SatiricAbyss608
    8. kieleik
    9. SourLemonH3ad
    10. Spewnt
    11. InevitableHawk1
    12. Pyrho1
    13. Master Thronnos - @Thronnos
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  2. Solace

    Solace Member Darkcaller

    If I can afford it I will be there. My electric was pretty high this month thanks to winter and my fuel pump is going out on my car so we shall see.
  3. Acerbis

    Acerbis Member Darkcaller

    I am going to try it.
  4. h3th3an

    h3th3an Member

    How many people have closed beta?

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