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  1. Not sure what happened no one could hear me and then everyone went robotic and shut off. Now I can not connect to the team speak server.
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    Hey Shark I just saw your post and have tested TS3 everything seems fine atm, I'll look into a few more things but the issue might be on your end.
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    Seems like you could be having one of 2 issues...

    1) There is a lot of packet loss which was causing TS3 to sound choppy or "robotic" and failure to to pick up and send your outbound voice packets. (IE You're lagging crazy bad...)
    2) There could be a break in your microphone line which can cause the same symptoms unless of course you have your sound go through your speakers and not the head set, if that's the case then it is likely the former issue rather than the latter.
  4. It seems to be working atm. anyone of those could be causing the issue.
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    I looked at the host site they were doing something with the servers so there is a chance that the packet loss could have been caused by that as well. I will try and keep an eye on the server throughout the day and see if anything else happens.
  6. well seems my microphone is shot... it was a piece of shit anyway

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