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Discussion in 'Elder Scrolls Onliine' started by Thronnos, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Thronnos

    Thronnos Eru Ilúvatar Elder

    Logged on recently and REALLY like the new changes to the game. I am inclined to really start playing this again and rebuilding my guild again. Would these forums be available to use since there is no longer a Lethality branded guild in ESO?
  2. Valignor

    Valignor Member

    I started playing on daggerfall covenant and while I hate the combat it doesnt seem as grundy so it might be a better fit. What side are you on?
  3. Thronnos

    Thronnos Eru Ilúvatar Elder

    Aldmeri Dominion. I already have a very established guild with thousands of crafting mats last i checked. we were at one time one of the dominate pvp guilds in the game. obviously fallen into disrepair. with the advent of One Tamriel showcased at E3... the PvE barrier to factions will be lifted. We wont be able to pvp together as far as i know but we can do trials and bosses. with the 500 man guild cap... i was never even close to hitting that when my guild was at its peak. we had about 150 daily members.
  4. Thronnos

    Thronnos Eru Ilúvatar Elder

    so feel free. I need people from all time zones. including officers. i still have 1 officer still around. talk about that die hard loyalty :)
  5. Tenarms

    Tenarms Member

    Hmm, I played a High Elf Templar when it first came out. I liked the game, but it faded out pretty quickly so I stopped playing. I might be interested in starting again. Depends on how well things go with Black Desert though. Would be hard playing two MMOs, lol.
  6. Thronnos

    Thronnos Eru Ilúvatar Elder

    yeah im waiting a bit just to see what happens with the next patch or two. before i really commit. mainly because i really like BDO combat but the way they are handling things here with the rampant RNG is wearing on me haha... never thought id say this.. but its worse than destiny RNG haha
  7. Valignor

    Valignor Member

    Yea, Im still waiting on siege pvp in BDO. While Im not a fan of ESO (feels a little overly simplified) combat. I keep hearing the pvp is fun and Im finding the story pretty compelling.
  8. Thronnos

    Thronnos Eru Ilúvatar Elder

    to be honest, i have not played in BDO in a few days... and i dont really feel like im missing anything. Like I love the combat, best ive ever experienced in an MMO... but more often than not i feel like i am literally wasting my time accomplishing nothing. Grind 6 hours at ogres. get literally nothing. 7 days a week. its annoying. grind off and on again for 3 weeks at Hexe... finally get 1 earring... use it to try and DUO the Hexe I have with 32 failstacks. fails. i instantly feel like i wasted 3 weeks of my life. Then when i finally do DUO a ring of good deeds... instead of feeling like "yes i finally did it!" its more a feeling of like thank f*cking god. its about damn time. THAT was my main issue with the game. and it seems like while they ARE working on making it a little better... the fact that we are so far behind KR and that we DONT have the P2W Blessing item to increase drop chances in the market plus the subscription.... i feel like i would be waiting another year of frustration just to get the game i want.

    i dont mind RNG... I played destiny and still do. I am FINE with RNG when it rewards you. I did the hard mode raid every week 3 times a week. and sure enough every few weeks i would get that high class item that i needed and i had all my characters maxed out with all weapons maxed out. with BDO... I dont feel like thats really possible without no-lifing the game or playing it in a way thats not fun for me.

    the only thing i dont like about ESO is the combat... it is a little simple however. to me thats part of the game, theorycrafting making a balanced group and skill system for everyone. it enables us as a guild to fully craft skill builds to counter any situation and to me thats PART of the system and its enjoyable.
  9. Thronnos

    Thronnos Eru Ilúvatar Elder

    I think a good system in BDO would be to make the base items a lot easier to get but make the upgrade progression go further and harder.
  10. Thronnos

    Thronnos Eru Ilúvatar Elder

    anyways. whats your ESO name? I will add you to the guild. we literally thousands of crafting mats stacked up to max. everything of all rarities. :P
  11. Dystempr

    Dystempr Member

    This thread still active?

    Myself and a few others are not playing BDO as much and are starting to get into Elder Scrolls. Currently at level 22. After the grind fest of BDO we are all taking this one as a casual grind. I am doing all the questing and leveling slowly same with at least one other in the group. One member had a character from before and might be getting bored with us slow leveling so It might be good to hook up with you guys so that he has someone to do things with.
  12. Daphonic

    Daphonic Gentleman Viking Grand Elder Elder

    I was thinking of playing it if Legion goes south, I'm told its got amazing single player content.
  13. Dystempr

    Dystempr Member

    it actually seems to be a pretty good PVE game. There are some definate issues with helping others with quests that you have already completed since it seems pretty heavily instanced. However it seems the way to get around it is to share your quest with the group and they can then at least see the monsters you are attacking and they are phased into your instance.

    Also forgot to mention that it is not tab targeted so that is a plus. Therik came down the other day to sparks nexus while we were playing. He apparently has a character also.
  14. Thronnos

    Thronnos Eru Ilúvatar Elder

    i did for a little, but after black desert the combat feels dull to me. I did a lot of the new quests and some of the new content. but the entire system just felt old. it ran its course fast

    edit -- I am done with MMOs for a while i think. excited for crowfall and a few others but not gonna buy into them anymore... even if it means starting way behind the curve. rather have a game that won't screw me over 6 months after launch than being in the "top" for a few months then quitting.

    However I have been playing Heroes of the Storm nightly (working towards Master rank... almost there) as well as some Overwatch and SC Co-Op.

    gonna be into Destiny in 2 days and of course BF1 when it comes out.

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