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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Richard, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. Richard

    Richard Member

    So on March 4th I'm having a shoulder surgey that will keep me out of work about 2 months. I trying to figure out what game most of you are playing now. I've tried WoW but got bored since I was playing solo. I'm trying out GW2 and D3 but feeling the boredom setting in playing solo.

    If I have to pay to play so be it. I just want to play with the community.
  2. FluffyDeath

    FluffyDeath Freaky Fluffy

    I think right now many of us are just wondering around looking for a game atm as there aren't many MMOs people are focused on. Skyforge is something we are looking into making a Community Division game, the decision will be made after testing it out for some time starting March 11th. Once we've done some stuff in game and did more in depth research we will put it up for vote to see about starting a Division for Skyforge.
  3. Richard

    Richard Member

    Thanks FluffyDeath for responding. I see your a the local pusher of Skyforge....but hey that a good thing. I hadn't heard of it and after watching everyvideo and reading all I can about the game I'm sold.

    I'll be playing on March 11th in the closed beta.

    Until then GW2 is where I'll be spending some more time and maybe even ESO since that just went F2P.

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