C2E2 Chicago, IL April 24th - 26th

Discussion in 'Conventions & Meetups' started by Daphonic, Jan 21, 2015.

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    Who all is planning on going to C2E2? I've reserved a Room already. Can hold about 6 people. 2 per bed, and 2 on floor/air mattress. If you plan on going let me know ASAP!

    If we get more people I can reserve another room, But I need to know who all is Def going.

    Right now price of room is $550 for both nights, so that's about $90 a person for 6. Really cheap compared to full price. I have an Extra Air Mattress as well I can bring.

    Any you guys Coming?
    @Drakoz and friends?
    @Karma and wife?

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