I suck: I need a teacher

Discussion in 'EvE Online' started by Judicator, Mar 3, 2015.

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  2. Join us in teamspeak! We have a Lethality Gaming coalition now. We have corps that do just about everything from mining to pvp. Mostly we have hi sec carebears but I started a corp that is dedicated to PvP. Mostly lowsec/null sec small gang pvp. Put in an ap to my corp Prissy Panda Annihilation Squadron 0.7% tax rate and not under war dec. I am really hoping you weren't going for a pvp boat with that fit lol!
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    Ok so here is what happened. I saw a suspect Ishkur sitting outside the station. I was in my Ishtar that I usually use for PvE missions. It is mainly fitted to use my sniper drones. For some reason I thought an Ishtar would be easy to take down with some Hammerheads. Once I started firing on him he popped into the station and came back out in a Ishtar. Most likely he was better equipped to fight than I was...oops. I panicked and just died really. Ugggg.

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