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Discussion in 'Destiny - PC' started by Chirnobl, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Chirnobl

    Chirnobl Member Elder

    @Destiny PC players. If your are interested in running the Leviathan raid, please respond to this post with the requested information. Please be aware there may be more than one group due to the amount of people already showing interest.

    Please respond with the following information.

    1) Your Name and Class
    2) Your time preference (Early/Late evenings)
    3) What days of the week your available
    4) Whether you can make it on a steady schedule or if your schedule will vary by the week
    5) Your light level

    Please understand we will be fitting STEADY members into the schedule first. Most likely (will talk to @Daphonic) we will run both a early and late group. I plan to run an early group. If a steady member is not able to make it during a raid a non-steady member will be asked to fill the slot next. We will ask in order of highest to lowest light level just to keep things simple and avoid confrontation issues.

    So far I have the following members interested in weekly raids:
  2. Alarria

    Alarria Member

    1) Alarria - Hunter
    2) Im EST time so take that as you will
    3+4) My schedule changes per week, but with chrismas coming up i would assume Tuesday or Wednesday to be my one of my days off
    5) 285 atm
  3. Solace

    Solace Member Darkcaller

    1) Solace Warlock
    2) Early
    3) Any mostly unless I get a random doctors appointment.
    4) Steady
    5) Currently 286
  4. 1. Alchemic - Warlock
    2. Either/Any
    3. After 5:30-6pm CST during the week, anytime during the weekend
    4. Schedule is flexible, I schedule things pretty last minute but I make the things i schedule.
    5. 291-293
  5. SlayJay

    SlayJay Member

    1) SlayJay - Hunter
    2) I'm free EST 6pm-9pm and 11pm-2am Tues and Thurs nights. Usually free Mon & Weds 11pm-2am but slightly less consistent.
    3) (see above)
    4) Definitely steady schedule. Raided weekly in D1 & D2 on ps4, know leviathan well.
    5) 283
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  6. dudesteve

    dudesteve Member

    1) DudeSteve - Warlock
    2) late evenings, 11 PM EST if possible.
    3) Tuesday threw Friday
    4) if we can work out a raid after 11 pm EST I can come weekly, and plan to be steady on that.
    5) 265

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