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    Patrons can now Change your Player Card Background on the Forums! I have a Couple set up now, Please if you can do some testing on them here.

    To Change your Background.
    1. Click the Person Icon below your Info up top.
    2. Click Preferences
    3. The drop down next to Patron Background to Select.​

    Reward Tier 1
    $50 Commutative in 1 Calendar Year Jan - Dec
    For those who donate $50 or more in a calendar year, can request a new background from Me. Let me know what Image you want to use, and I will do my best to make the new Background for you and the rest of the Patrons.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Reward Tier 2
    $75 Commutative in 1 Calendar Year Jan - Dec
    When you hit this Tier, you may get a Personal Logo with your Name on it with the colors you wish to have for our Logo.

    Reward Tier 3
    $100 Commutative in 1 Calendar Year Jan - Dec
    For Members who have reached this Tier, they may give a Suggestion for 1 Thing to be in the New Recruitment Poster. Your Gaming Tag will also be in in the Poster in some fashion.
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