Removal of VR Tiers -- Best thing to happen since release --

Discussion in 'Elder Scrolls Onliine' started by Thronnos, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. Thronnos

    Thronnos Eru Ilúvatar Elder

    as someone who had ground out VR14 multiple times and maintained a high presence in all activities. I can easily say that the removal of all VR Tiers REALLY helps open up the game and removes the faux skill cap that in place. the game is now vastly more accessible and WAY easier to get into the end game. with the near infinite champion system in place... this feels now like a MUCH more rewarding game instead of needing to grind the same dungeon over and over!

    Gonna be exploring a bit the new zone too -- havent been to the gold coast since MORROWIND!!!!!!!! -----
  2. Thronnos

    Thronnos Eru Ilúvatar Elder

    anyone want to join me? I am updating my game now and gonna dive right into the new quest line in the Gold Coast :)

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