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  1. other then teh marketplace, which are UNIQUE to every city. silver is only used to use taxed buildings, repair equipment, buy land,(which you still have to feed and food is exspensive), and buy farm animals for your farming plots/islands
  2. and they will be broke after their first death XD they still have to grind their way to even use t4. and people still need to put that stuff on the market to sell. most keep it for themselves/guildmates. since silver isnt worth very much tbh.
    the lowest price gold will sell for is 1:1....no one is going to spend 300,000 dollars for a guild territory they cant defend
    pretty much the only reason atm that gold even have a value, is people buying gold useing silver to get premium bonus for their alt accounts. and yes you could put 100k gold on the market. congrats you would only ever sell half that before you drive teh price to nothing and give everyone a nice glibal discount of repair costs. yay!
    in other words, you can ONLY sell as much gold as their is silver in the market put up to trade for it. it is NOT a direct conversion. if there is only 200k silver in teh market you can only buy 200k and then drive the price of gold to nothing. crashing the market. therefore buying gold if completly pointless
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    1: Learn to edit posts, spam is annoying.
    2: having played games with the exact "anti p2w" "features" in them i can tell you it doesnt work because people dont care, i have a friend who spent 70k+ in just under two years to stay the best despite those systems, i knew someone else who spent 250k in the same amount of time, the system ahas never and will never STOP people from being wallet warriors, it actually provides a far larger gap between the ones who can keep spending and those who cant, because the ones who can really dont care if the value for money is shit, if they can win and they can afford it they will do it.
  4. lol they would have to spend that much money in a DAY to make full use of it. early albion progression is FAST it is t6 plus whee the game majorly slows down. took 5 months for people to reach t6.4. still can have teh best gear and still be hosed due to the game requiring communication skills and teamwork. which "p2w" players would most likely lack.
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    Assuming anything is, well, stupid for lack of a better word.

    History would show the opposite, it would also show that those capable of spending the money will band together in the same guilds as others with the same means and mentality, which 9/10 leads to guilds with or without skill, communication or any great players by any stretch of the imagination roflstomping others with pure power, no singular player can ever -win- but then whales generally dont carry a guild, they join one with other whales.
  6. ok condenced some of my posts. sorry sbout that
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    No Prob.

    Anyway, everybody has an opinion on whether or not these things are good or bad or otherwise, but given the companies recent activities, changes to the game and things like these systems which while unlikely to be abused by all, will be abused by some and those few when banded together can fairly single handedly destroy the entire premise of competition within the game, it loses its appeal to many.

    As a launch player of UO this game was very high on my priorities of games to play, but having worked for a F2P publisher, as an in game GM and played almost every mmo since the creation of the internet, the system being there in the first place is a bad, bad sign, one that long time players of the genre can't or won't ignore, and unfortunately it will put alot of people off playing, especially when they are asked for a box price to begin with.
  8. it is going to be pay to play because all ftp games (outside of mobas) utterly fail and fall to bots and scammers/spammers
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    yeah. people well. When i used to sell gold in runescape. I would have dudes once in awhile offer like 300 dollars worth of Gold just so they could buy all the top gear and cosmetics. however the fact that the main open world is focused on Zergs over 1v1 will help a LOT in this fact. not to mention losing all your stuff on death. however i would be curious to see how else they add in stuff you can buy in the future --kinda like skyforge fell into P2W stuff--

    nonetheless, i have watched some videos on this game and it looks nifty. will follow its launch carefully and then maybe buy into it. :D
  11. final beta is going on right now and will last the next 3-5 months. for 30$ you can get access right now
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    Yea the Game looks nifty all right, its Ulitma Online future pretty much, but the Fact you can buy Gold out the Gate has a lot of people pissed off, Even more people are looking to get their money back as the product has changed from the original Kickstart campain.

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